Saturday, March 28, 2009

I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Hello again, I know I have been slacking. I've been watching some serious B-horror & will do a mass review of them. It's just getting time to sit down and write. Now, on to tonight's creature feature.

A Haunting in Connecticut is a tale of a family, rife with personal problems. A child dying of cancer, a Dad with a history of alcoholism, and a Mother trying to cope with everything happening around her. Now take this family & throw them in the middle of a house possessed by evil. Sound familiar? Wondering if the family's last name is Lutz? Well, if you're like me you spotted the resemblance to Amityville right off. But I think they run deeper than that.

The movie is based on a "true story". I hate those words when they are attached to a horror movie. It puts a stigma on the movie right away. Not to mention that this film has already had the story told in a Discovery Channel show by the same name. Already going in it's not looking too good for the film.

I am not going to get into if it was true or not. In my opinion I don't think it really happened. I would rather you make up your own mind about the validity of the story. I'm just here to discuss the film.

The film itself was ok. Not really that scary. The Discovery Channel show was scarier. It starts off pretty slow. once it gets going it's not that bad. You feel for Virginia Madsen as the mom. Having to watch her eldest son Matt, played by Kyle Gallner, suffer with cancer. You see how this family puts everything on hold for him. When the ball gets rolling it's a good effects movie. Some really disgusting parts (one word. Eyelids.) some jumpy parts & some boring parts. It wasn't a masterpeice but it wasn't I Know Who Killed Me either.

Over all I would say the movie is worth watching once. It was fun & enjoyable, just not spectacular. I may see what the DVD holds in the line of special features before I buy it.