Thursday, November 5, 2009

"I love you... I have a condom."

The title of this review are the first lines spoken in this movie. I immediately began laughing so hard I got choked on my mountain dew. I was afraid I got drawn into another movie suggested by Strader that was going to suck. Usually she does have decent taste in movies but she has thrown some doozys my way, but you know me, I'll try anything once.

So I sat there and I watched. It started out with Anna (Emily Browning) being released from the booby hatch. She tried to kill herself after her ailing mother died in a fiery boat house explosion. Anna returns home to her sister Alex (Arielle Kebbel), her father (David Strathairn), and her father's new girlfriend Rachel (Elizabeth Banks) who just happened to be her mother's ex-nurse.

Yeah that's not shady at all.

It was at that time that I had begun to feel like I had seen this somewhere before. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I knew I had. I continued to watch.

Anna is seeing things. Now when I say things I mean the ghost of her dead mother. Which is well done and quite creepy. She tells Alex who doesn't bat an eye at this. They start to believe that Rachel offed their mommy. Quite honestly, so do you. Why? Rachel is a psycho bitch. I'm talking, Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle type crazy. Elizabeth Banks does a great job at playing the bitch. She's just plain scary. I love her. The sisters uncover clues to Rachel's hidden past and the plot thickens.

The ending was great. A twist that was pretty damn enjoyable. One I didn't figure out, yet it felt very familiar, but different.

Then it hit me... A Tale of Two Sisters!! Holy crap! I'm watching a remake! What's even more bizarre it's a good remake!! I saw A Tale of Two Sisters years ago and it was a very intense film. Very beautiful. Complete with all kinds of twists. One of the most intriguing stories ever.

By the by... A Tale of Two Sister's poster wins over The Uninvited's poster ANY DAY!

I digress, this is about The Uninvited.

Directed by two relatively new directors, Charles Guard and Thomas Guard, The Uninvited was a huge undertaking. Not only as a remake but as a film unto itself. It was well shot & acted. I enjoyed everything about it.

Everything but that stupid opening line.

I would suggest this movie to anyone who isn't willing to give A Tale of Two Sisters a chance. I know Asian horror isn't everyone's bag.

If it is, see A Tale of Two Sisters first. After that check out The Uninvited. It's not that bad.