Monday, May 11, 2009

Sam Raimi has lost his balls...

So I'm sitting on the couch, reinstalling on my laptop, chlillin' like a villain, watching the tube and what do I see? A commercial for Drag Me to Hell. This is the new movie from one time horror god, now turned spidey tool Sam Raimi. I kinda got a tingle cause this is Sam's return to horror. I watched with bated breath, Sam + Horror = Good, right? Maybe. This is not the issue right now. The issue isn't the stars or even the story. I haven't seen it yet. The issue is the fact that at the end of the commercial, I hear "Rated PG-13." Fuck me. What happened to horror being rated R?

Evil Dead, Sam Raimi's debut opus was unrated. It was originaly rated X because it was raw and brutal. It was full of total terror goodness! This is PG-13. PG MOTHER FUCKIN' 13!!!! How can you bring full on scares with that kind of rating. It's not just this movie, it's been happening a lot.

I miss the old days of graphic horror and nudity that had no purpose. It must suck to lose your balls.