Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aren't you going to invite me in?

I am very picky about vampire movies, many of my friends know this. I feel that if you are going to make a vampire (And this is vampire not Dracula, totally different in my opinion) film it should show the very animalistic nature of the vampire. The pack mentality, the brute strength, and of course the feeding. I am not a fan of romance mingled with my vampire stories. A little to help the story along is fine, but when it is the main focus I don't care for it. That's right, I am not a Twilight fan. You guessed it.

I'm always looking for good vampire movies. Most of the time I'm handed shit. Sometimes I find a gem. This one was recommended to me by Caine. He watched it and imediately said I would enjoy it. Now I am skeptical when it comes to anything Caine suggests. Helloooo Ankle Biters any one? You can see why I get worried with his choices.

I was planning on watching this and making it part of my 3-B series that I will be starting soon (3 B- flicks, one quick review.) However, as I started to watch it I came to two very quick conclusions. A) "Holy Shit! This is a Swedish movie!" and 2) "This isn't a B movie at all." Who knew?

This was a beautiful film. Simpley put, it was a pleasure to watch. I loved every second of it. Let The Right One In is the story of Oskar and Eli. Oskar is a 12 year old boy who has a penchant for tales of murder and knives. He's bullied and a loner. Eli is a 220 year old vampire that was turned when she was 12. She moves into the apartment next to Oskar with her "helper" Hakan. Oskar and Eli meet one night in the apartment buildings playground and begin to develope a relationship. Meanwhile, there is a rash of murders taking place in the village. Do ya see where this is going? Well trust me, you think you have it figured out then WHAMMO! Big brick wall.

It's truely is a sentimental love story between the children. How they find each other when there is no one else they can depend on is really sweet and touching. But the gore is what warms my heart. There isn't much, but what is there is outstanding! The burns, the dismemberment, the decapitation, OH MY! And the sounds. Wow. I was highly impressed with the foley on this movie. It was very disgusting.

All in all I must say if you can find it, rent it. I am now on the hunt for a copy of it for my collection. In my opinion (and this is only MY opinion, Any Twi-tards out there can just suck it up.) This movie is what Twilight wishes it was. The feelings I feel for Edward and Bella can not hold a candle to the way I feel about Oskar and Eli at the end of this movie.

There are rumors of an American remake. Please don't wait for Hollywood to screw this up. Go watch the Swedish version now.