Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Same Shit. Different Deaths.

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What can I say about Final Destination that hasn't been said before? 

That wasn't a rhetorical question. I really want to know  if anyone can come up with something new to say about a 5th movie that tells the exactly the same story only replacing the setting and the characters. 

The Final Destination, the Mad Libs of horror franchises. 

Just like the 4 before, this one starts out the same mundane way. Blank boards/gets into/goes to blank when blank has a horrifying vision of everyone's untimely death. He/She then warns everyone and only a few people believe successfully changing death's design. Death ain't nobody's bitch so he keeps trying to kill them in the most Rube Goldbergian  way possible.

Let me just sum it up. This time it's a bus on a bridge, the group is going on a corporate retreat and Nicholas D'Agosto is the seer. 

The only reason I even bother to watch this franchise are the deaths. They get more and more gruesome. I just wish there wasn't so much cg blood. I won't give away any of the deaths. They were pretty creative this time around. Let's just say I will never have laser eye surgery. 

The two bright spots for me was the return of Tony Todd and the appearance of David Koechner. Koechner always brightens any movie and Todd is horror royalty. Tony Todd's absence was one of the things that made 4 feel incomplete. I was glad to see him back.

There is one difference in this one, the end. This one ends on a twist. It's easy to figure out. That is, if you just follow the signs and pay attention.






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ClickyBasterd said...

Can't agree with you more. you are right man love ya.